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Welcome to the brand new Cigars Online website.


We would like to welcome all of our regular customers and new to our new Cuban Cigars site.
This site has been redeveloped mainly in part due to the new Federal Government Laws regarding Cigars and Cigar Smoking. What these laws  mean for all Cigar smokers is that the current government believes that you as an adult no longer have the right to view a picture or read a description about a Cigar. Yes Cuban Cigar’s are a legally available product to persons over 18 but your right’s and wishes are no longer respected by this current Government. Welcome to the new Nanny State.

We wish to apoligize that we are unable to provide you with a picture and a description of your favorite Cigar’s. You can still however Google the Cigar that you are interested in and view a picture.

We will still continue to offer the same quality 100% Official Habanos Cuban Cigars to you via Australia Post Platinum Shipping at the cheapest prices in Australia.

We always try to offer the CHEAPEST AUTHENTIC CUBAN CIGAR PRICES IN AUSTRALIA if you find cheaper prices and want us to match the price please let us know and we will always try to put a smile on your face.

Do you Need Cuban Cigars for your Business ?

Yes we can help you!

If you require Cigars for resale at your place of business or wish to place a larger order for personal use and are looking for even better prices then we can help you. As long as your order is over $1500.00 we can offer you special large order discount rates.

Please email James at

or call

0418 280 274

Simply let us know what Cigars you are after and the quantity and we will send you a quote or call you back.

Please note that discounts can be offered only if payment is made via direct deposit to our bank account in order to reduce Credit Card Fees and charges which allow us to provide the best possible prices.

If you require further assistance and information about any products on the site please contact James on either


0418 280 274

Again welcome to our new site and we look forward to supplying you with your favorite Cigars and Accessories.

To quote Thomas Jefferson ” The level of Tyranny that we decide to live under is only what we are willing to put up with”.


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